Dog Med Laser

Dog Med Laser

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Dog Med Laser is a Medical Photobiomodulation Therapy Laser; aka Low-Level Laser that provides your pet with a safe, affordable, and effective at-home treatment for pain relief, inflammation reduction, and wound healing.
  • Human PBMT medical device technology*
  • Safe: zero adverse side effects
  • No eye protection required
  • Certified for home use
  • Made in Canada
  • Free shipping in USA and Canada
  • Secure payments — 6 easy monthly payments option available

*Certified Human Non-Thermal Photobiomodulation Therapy Medical Device Technology; aka Low Level Laser Therapy. Dog Med Laser is restricted to animal use only in the United States and Canada.

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What's included

  • Specially designed device with two 635 nm laser diodes to treat your dog quickly and easily

  • Two choices of brush attachments to help separate pet hairs and give a soothing massage

  • Charger and USB cable

  • Detailed instructions for use

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Quickstart Guide

Complete Dog Med Laser unboxing video and quickstart guide

It's easy as:


Select a treatment option on your laser

Dog Med Laser offers three (3) separate treatment programs: Reducing inflammation, Pain relief or Wound healing.

Pick a brush you’d like to use today.

Dog Med Laser comes with two brushes that help separate pet hair to deliver laser light more efficiently (while giving your pet a soothing massage).
Dog Med Laser brushes attachment

Keep up the daily routine to achieve the best results!

Treat at least twice a day: morning and evening. A third treatment could be delivered at mid-day if opportunity allows.

Tour the laser

Two 635 nm laser diodes

to treat your Dog or Cat quickly and easily

Two special brush attachments included in purchase

to help your Dog or Cat's comfort

USB Charging Port

Automated timer

to ensure proper treatment application

Mode Button

Select from 3 treatment programs:

  • Program 1: Reducing Inflammation and Pain
  • Program 2: Pain Relief
  • Program 3: Wound Healing

Power Button

Hold for two seconds to turn on

Comfortable, Soft, & Sturdy Handle

Metal loop

for easy carrying & storing

Customer Stories: Experience Using The Dog Med Laser

Lisa & Jasmine Story

Jasmine has been walking down the steps and up the steps with more agility, more flexibility, and more strengthened stamina. I'm definitely very pleased with these results.

Watch now

Mike & Oren Story

After using the Dog Med Laser for three weeks, I have been seeing great results and improvement from Oren, she does not seem to be in any kind of excessive pain.

Watch now

Connie & Belle Story

Belle is a retired agility dog. Within 2 days of using the Dog Med Laser I saw an immediate difference in the stiffness in her back.

Watch now

8,000+ clinical studies

have proven the efficacy of nonthermal Low-Level Lasers to deliver positive effects.

Recognized institutions and publications have also vouched for the efficacy of Low-Level Lasers. These include the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University, and MIT medical schools.

Dog Med Laser has selected a few abstracts to demonstrate that its claims are validated by the most respected Low-Level Laser researchers and practitioners in the field.

Study Title: Mechanisms and applications of the anti-inflammatory effects of photobiomodulation 

Author: Michael R Hamblin

View Published Study

Study Title: Low-level laser therapy: Case-control study in dogs with sterile pyogranulomatous pododermatitis

Authors: Roberta Perego, D. Proverbio, A. Zuccaro and E. Spada

Department of Veterinary Sciences for Health, Animal Production and Food Safety (VESPA), University of Milan, Via Celoria 10, 20133 Milano, Italy

View Published Study

Study Title: Low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) in skin: stimulating, healing, restoring

Authors: Pinar Avci MD, Asheesh Gupta PhD, Magesh Sadasivam MTech, Daniela Vecchio PhD, Zeev Pam MD4, Nadav Pam MD4, and Michael R Hamblin PhD

View Published Study

Study Title: The Efficacy of Low-Power Lasers in Tissue Repair and Pain Control: A Meta-Analysis Study 


View Published Study

Study Title: The Use of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) For Musculoskeletal Pain 

Authors: Howard B Cotler, Roberta T Chow, Michael R Hamblin, and James Carroll

View Published Study