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Dr. Tony Kremer DVM
Recommends the Dog Med Laser


Dog Med Laser

A medical Photobiomodulation Therapy Laser

• Made in Canada

• Human PBMT medical device technology*

• Certified for home use

• Safe: no negative side effects

• No eye protection required

• Manufactured to last

• Affordable — 6 easy monthly payments option available

* Certified Human Non Thermal Photobiomodulation Therapy Medical Device Technology, aka Low Level Laser Therapy

“The Dog Med Laser is a medical device every dog household should have, whatever the age of the dog”

Dr. Tony Kremer DVM

Easy to use

Treat your pet while giving them a soothing massage


7,000 clinical studies have proven the efficacy of non-thermal Low-Level Lasers

Safe for home use

No negative side effects, no risk to the eyes and no danger of burns. A safe alternative to risky anti-inflammatory medication


An alternative to frequent and costly visits to the vet for laser treatments and to costly and risky medication

Dog Med Laser

Low-Level Laser Therapy (what scientists call photobiomodulation) has been used for decades to reduce inflammation and pain in humans, accelerate wound closure and help improve musculoskeletal conditions. These non-heating lasers have also been in use for at least 10 years in veterinarians’ offices across America. Dog Med Laser delivers the same technology to your home to help bring relief to your best friend’s medical conditions.

Specially designed by our team with your dog’s well-being and comfort in mind

Post-surgery recovery

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Joint disorders older dogs with arthritis

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Common injuries

Most dogs will be subjected to several common injuries during their lifetime

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Athletes performing in Agility need special care during training and competition

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How it works

Treating your pet with the Dog Med Laser is painless, non-invasive, and only takes a few minutes daily.

The device directs laser light to interact with cells in the body to perform specific tasks such as reducing inflammation and edema, reducing or eliminating pain for a time, and speeding up wound closure. In essence, Low-Level Lasers like the Dog Med Laser teach nerve cells to stop the sensation of pain from reaching the brain.

Dog Med Laser uses laser diodes that are designed specifically for safe home treatment. There is no need to wear protective eyewear and no risk of injury. These diodes are expected to last many, many years if used in a normal home environment.

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Backed by scientific data

More than 7,000 Low-Level Laser Therapy (also called photobiomodulation) clinical studies and research papers have been published and recorded in PubMed, the National Institutes of Health database.

Human and animal clinical studies demonstrate the safety and efficacy of photobiomodulation to reduce inflammation, temporarily reduce or eliminate localized pain, and accelerate wound closure and bone healing.

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Recommended by renowned organizations

Low-Level (Cold) Lasers have earned the
Grey Muzzle Organization’s seal of approval

Cold laser therapy was developed well over 20 years ago and is now used widely around the world. It is one of the emerging choices in alternative treatments for aches and pains in animals. Cold laser therapy is painless, non-invasive, and only takes minutes to perform. It works by directing highly concentrated coherent light waves to the muscles, tissues, and organs. Cold laser therapy reduces inflammation and muscle spasms and is great for disk and spine issues. The effects are similar to those provided by non-steroidal medications, but unlike these, cold laser therapy doesn’t have negative side effects.

– Jennifer Kachnick, President, Grey Muzzle Organization

What pet owners are saying

“When I got the Dog Med Laser I used it twice a day and within two days I saw a major improvement in Genaro’s amplitude of movements. He seems more comfortable which must mean less pain and I have now totally cut off anti-inflammatory drugs.”

Cedric and Genaro a 7 year old boxer 6 months after TPLO

(Montpellier, France)

After using the Dog Med Laser for three weeks once or twice a day, I have been seeing great results and improvement from Oren, she does not seem to be in any kind of excessive pain.”

Mike and Oren 15 years old with arthritis and a slipped disk