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Highly Recommended by Dr. Tony Kremer DVM.

The only medical pet laser specially designed for home therapy.

We care: Our team designed the Dog Med Laser with your dog’s health, comfort and well-being in mind

Older Dogs & Joint Disorders

Deliver pain relief, better amplitude of movement, comfort and better quality of life for older dogs with degenerative joint disease, afflicted with hip dysplasia or any other orthopedic disorder.

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Agility Dogs

Dog Med Laser is a medical device designed to improve training and competition performances. Increase blood flow and local oxygen delivery, relieve muscle stiffness, improve mobility and more.

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Post Surgery Recovery

Stimulate wound cells to multiply faster, thus, accelerating wound closure. A faster wound closure will reduce the risks of infection. Reduce post-surgery inflammation, and reduce or eliminate pain.

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Common Injuries

Helps reduce pain caused by common injuries, speeds up internal and external wound healing and accelerates full recovery. Healing faster without adverse effects will make your dog’s life more comfortable.

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Dog Med Laser

Dog Med Laser

Dog Med Laser is a Medical Photobiomodulation Therapy Laser; aka Low-Level Laser that provides your pet with a safe, affordable, and effective at-home treatment for pain relief, inflammation reduction, and wound healing.
  • Human PBMT medical device technology*
  • Safe: zero adverse side effects
  • No eye protection required
  • Certified for home use
  • Made in Canada
  • Free shipping in USA and Canada
  • Secure payments — 6 easy monthly payments option available

*Certified Human Non-Thermal Photobiomodulation Therapy Medical Device Technology; aka Low Level Laser Therapy. Dog Med Laser is restricted to animal use only in the United States and Canada.

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What pet families are saying

When I got the Dog Med Laser I used it twice a day and within two days I saw a major improvement in Genaro’s amplitude of movements. He seems more comfortable which must mean less pain and I have now totally cut off anti-inflammatory drugs.

7 year old boxer 6 months after TPLO
Cedric and Genaro (France)

After using the Dog Med Laser for three weeks once or twice a day, I have been seeing great results and improvement from Oren, she does not seem to be in any kind of excessive pain.

15 years old with arthritis and a slipped disk
Mike and Oren (USA)

Jasmine has gained a lot more mobility, flexibility in the hind legs, and has actually been able to move around at ease within the household environment. She's been walking down the steps and up the steps with more agility, more flexibility, and more strengthened stamina.

16 years old suffering From Arthritis
Lisa and Jasmine (Canada)
Grey Muzzle organisation recommend the Dog Med Laser

Recommended by renowned organizations

Low-Level (Cold) Lasers have earned the Grey Muzzle Organization’s seal of approval

We developed an in-home laser therapy device that works!

Tested on humans and adopted by pets everywhere.

8000 +

Clinical Studies demonstrate full efficacy with zero adverse side effects.

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