Dog Med Laser is restricted to animal use only in the United States and Canada. Purchase the legitimate device from our website or from our official Amazon.com storefront only!

PBMT devices designed and manufactured by Antares Technologies Ltd do NOT treat diseases, are NOT designed to treat or cure diseases. The medical purpose is restricted to cells stimulation for temporary reduction (or elimination) of symptoms of pain, reduction of tissues inflammation and stimulation of mitosis and reduction of apoptosis (wound healing). Not diagnosis devices. Not implantable devices.


If you notice something abnormal about your pet’s movements, we at Dog Med Laser always recommend that you first get a complete diagnosis from your veterinarian. The diagnosis will help you understand your pet’s condition and give you information on how to provide pain relief for inflammation, edema or wounds.

We at Dog Med Laser recommend not using our laser therapy on dogs or cats with cancer and on post-cancer surgery wounds—even if you have read or heard that the therapy is being used on humans with cancer to treat mucositis and other radiation related conditions.