Connie and Belle Dog Med Laser Story

I’m Connie Kamelduski and this is my dog Belle. Belle is a 9 1/2-year-old Shetland Sheepdog. She's been my ability dog, that's why I got her was to be in agility dog. She competed until she was 7 1/2 and retired 2 years ago.  

When she was three and a half, so 6 years ago, she became very very hill. The vet thought she was going to die.As a consequence of her illness she lost all her muscle in her back end. At the time she became sick she had benn very successful in competition. But then we had to take a little step back, we trench and recover from that illness. She did come back from that and I was able to compete with her for another 4 years. In which time she won 3 agility championships. She went to westminster 4 times in the agility category. She won her division in 2016 and then in 2017 we went to Nationals and we had a perfect Nationals.  After then we retired and I now have a new puppy who competes. 

She would come to me at night, jump up on the couch and sort of beg for me to massage her back. She would feel really stiff and her muscles would be really tight and I massage and it would sort of help. This is  just our day to day life.  She was really really stiff.

I got my Dog Med Laser  about two or three months ago and got it charged and started using it and within 2 days I saw an immediate difference in the stiffness in her back. This was just loose.  Before the laser I would touch her like this and she would tork into my hand, it was hurting. You could see that something was wrong. With the dog that laser it's made a huge difference in that.

We do this every night after dinner we sit on the couch she hops up next to me and she sits there for her little spa treatment. She knows that if I pick it up that it's going to feel good all up and down her back.  Her eyes close, she rests her chin and she would stay there all night if I wanted to laser her all night long.  

This is our after-dinner Dog Med laser session. Belle comes up and sits on the couch, and I just stroke her with the Dog Med Laser. I’m really happy with the Dog Mes Laser and highly recommend it to dog owners with older dogs,  especially dogs with spinal arthritis.