Mike and Oren Dog Med Laser Story

This is Oren. Oren Is almost 15 years old Oren has no eyes because she had glaucoma a couple of years ago we took out her remaining eye, and then she had pancreatitis and she began to have symptoms of arthritis and she also has a slipped disc in her lower back that gives her a lot of pain. We do acupuncture every two weeks and she's on CBD oil and the symptoms have been pretty well managed but I've always been curious about laser therapy so I have agreed to test the dog Med laser which I'm very excited about we're going to do it a couple times a day. 

3 weeks later

Hi everybody.  It's been about 3 weeks since we have been using the Dog Med Laser everyday, sometimes once a day sometimes twice a day, and so far I think we are seeing really great results. We discontinued Oren’s acupuncture at the same time as we started using the laser and so far I haven't seen anything except improvement from her. She started to run down the hallway which is something she wasn’t doing before. She's not limping, she doesn't seem to be in any kind of excessive pain. I would say that it's definitive that she's better off now than before we started using the Dog Med Laser, and I believe that we're starting to see even more continued improvements.