Anyone who has ever loved an older dog would most certainly agree with the phrase, “Oldies but Goodies!” While it’s true their hearing and eyesight can begin to go, or their steps become uncertain, some richer traits open to us.

Let’s share and embrace these top 10 qualities of older dogs!


Once senior dogs outgrow their hyperactive younger years, they are generally more mellow. This makes them ideal for those with busy work schedules or for people who want a more laid-back companion.

Role Model

If you’re looking to add a younger pup to the pack, an older dog can make for a wonderful role model. Believe it or not, dogs learn from each other. Our older dogs can make the best mentors for our young silly pups!


Many senior dogs are more patient in busy households and are generally more independent. They tend to be content “hanging out” and are not in a rush for their next outing.


The trust a dog and owner have for each other during the senior years is truly something special. After years together, the bond and love for one another is unbreakable!


Senior canines are experts at having fun! They know what games, toys or activities make them the most excited and happy. Although they may be calmer, they still need interaction, play and exercise.


Senior pups have been around the block a few times. They’re experienced in many situations such as: demonstrating good manners when guests come over, no pulling on the leash while walking, understanding your commands, etc. This makes coexisting with each other much more simple and enjoyable!


Old is beautiful… especially a senior canine with a sweet gray face. Embrace the beauty of their golden years!


Your older pup knows you inside and out. When something is wrong, they are always there to offer a wet kiss and comfort you. A furry head in your lap is all that is needed to brighten your day and chase those troubles away.


Older dogs have a wonderful way of showing exorbitant gratitude. Whether raised from their puppy days or added to the pack later on; older dogs are appreciative for who they’re with and where they are. They have a genuine sense of peace as they age and that’s because they are thankful for the life their family has given them.


There’s no doubt that senior dogs have gentle, wise souls and hearts made of pure gold. There’s just something about a senior dog’s eyes that shines knowledge, strength and wisdom. We can learn so much from our senior companions!