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Customer Reviews

Dog Med Laser has been an absolute miracle! My 8-year-old Lab, Harley, suffers from arthritis. Its been devastating to watch her in pain. I began using Dog Med Laser’s Low-Level Laser technology about two months ago, and the improvement she has made is tremendous. She’s more active, has an easier time getting up and down the stairs, and she seems happier overall. I use the device on her twice a day for the best results. I’m beyond relieved that Harley is visibly more comfortable and is her old self again. Dog Med Laser is extremely convenient since it can be used right in your home. It’s safe, effective and worth every penny due to the results I’ve witnessed with Harley. This is a groundbreaking invention that is helping to manage my dog’s pain, and I can’t say enough great things about Dog Med Laser!
Danna, New York
Bowser had been suffering from arthritis pain for almost a year when we discovered the Dog Med Laser. We were skeptical at first, but we really wanted to help him be active again. In just a week, with daily treatments, we saw a huge improvement. He’s now back to his old self!
Paul, Indianapolis
Maya has chronic pain from hip dysplasia, and she doesn’t tolerate anti-inflammatory medication. We were brokenhearted to see her in pain. She has been in our lives for a long time and is part of the family. Treating her at home with the Dog Med Laser has made her much more comfortable and she’s able to grow old gracefully.
Jane, Chicago
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