Dog Med Laser Testimonials & Customer Reviews

Dog Med Laser Testimonials & Customer Reviews

Lisa’s Dog Med Laser Story (Review)
Oren’s Dog Med Laser Story (Review)
Connie’s Dog Med Laser Story (Review)
"I wanted to provide you with an update in terms of Jasmine's improvement since using the Dog Med Laser treatments. I have noticed a better quality of life despite her being 16 years old. She has gained a lot more mobility, flexibility in the hind legs, and has actually been able to move around at ease within the household environment. Taking her outside has not been such a huge dilemma. She's been walking down the steps and up the steps with more agility, more flexibility, and more strengthened stamina. I'm definitely very pleased with these results. I would recommend it to anyone with a dog who suffers from arthritis or stiffness in the bones or the legs. This really, really does help with the cell regeneration."
Jasmine and Lisa Using the Dog Med Laser
Jasmine is an Older Dog (16 years old) Suffering From Arthritis
Lisa (Canada)
"Since Friday's arrival, I have used the laser on Anya. She gets Program One twice a day, and Program Two once a day. The vet has taken x-rays of the right front leg and has found nothing wrong with her bones. He suspects a soft tissue injury - muscle, ligament, or tendon. He felt that cold laser treatments, in addition to restricted walking, would help her. We have noticed quite an improvement since we started using the Dog Med Laser, and will continue using it until she is well past any limping at all. Thank you for your help!"
Soft Tissue Injury
Marlene (Washington USA)

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Low-Level (Cold) Lasers have earned the Grey Muzzle Organization’s seal of approval

Cold laser therapy was developed well over 20 years ago and is now used widely around the world. It is one of the emerging choices in alternative treatments for aches and pains in animals. Cold laser therapy is painless, non-invasive, and only takes minutes to perform. It works by directing highly concentrated coherent light waves to the muscles, tissues, and organs. Cold laser therapy reduces inflammation and muscle spasms and is great for disk and spine issues. The effects are similar to those provided by non-steroidal medications, but unlike these, cold laser therapy doesn’t have adverse side effects.

Jennifer Kachnick

President, Grey Muzzle Organization

What pet families are saying:

"When I got the Dog Med Laser I used it twice a day and within two days I saw a major improvement in Genaro’s amplitude of movements. He seems more comfortable which must mean less pain and I have now totally cut off anti-inflammatory drugs."
7 year old boxer 6 months after TPLO
Cedric and Genaro (Montpellier, France)
"After using the Dog Med Laser for three weeks once or twice a day, I have been seeing great results and improvement from Oren, she does not seem to be in any kind of excessive pain."
15 years old with arthritis and a slipped disk
Mike and Oren (USA)

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