Dr. Tony Kremer DVM
Recommendations for post-surgery recovery
and rehabilitation 


How can the Dog Med Laser help
post-surgery healing?


  • Accelerates cell multiplication to speed up wound closure

  • Reduces post-surgery inflammation

  • Can greatly reduce or eliminate post-surgery pain for up to 8 hours


Dental surgery procedures

Foreign body removal

Belly surgeries

Ear surgery

Dog bite surgeries




Fractures and dislocations

Spinal surgery


Kneecap dislocation

Spay and Neuter

The same Dog Med Laser treatment method applies to all surgery wounds.

Treat twice to three times a day. The laser beams penetrate regular wound dressings making treatment easy.

Spending a few minutes every day applying the Dog Med Laser will deliver less pain, more comfort, less collar of shame days, faster wound closure, and less risk of infection for the comfort of your best friend.

Dog Med Laser Therapy for Rehabilitation Programs

Stimulates cell energy production (ATP)

Stimulates local blood circulation and local delivery of oxygen

Stimulates and speeds up the healing processes

Reduce wound pain

Reduce rehabilitation exercise inflammation and pain

Treat the wound area before and after each rehabilitation exercise session during rehabilitation, in addition to the regular twice day morning and evening wound healing treatments until full wound closure and the end of the rehabilitation program.

Detailed therapy programs are found in the Dog Med Laser instructions for use manual