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Take a Digital Tour of the Dog Med Laser Therapy Device

Reduce Inflammation, Reduce or Eliminate Pain, and
Accelerate Wound Closure with the Dog Med Laser!

Dog Med Laser is a Low-Level Laser that provides your pet with a safe, affordable, and
effective at-home treatment for pain relief, inflammation reduction, and wound healing.

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Metal loop for easy carrying & storing

Comfortable, Soft, & Sturdy Handle

Hold power button for two seconds to turn on.

Select from 3 treatment programs: 

  • Program 1: Reducing Inflammation and Pain
  • Program 2: Pain Relief
  • Program 3: Wound Healing

Two special brush attachments included in purchase
to help your Dog or Cat's comfort.

USB Charging Port

Automated timer to ensure
proper treatment application.

Two 635 nm laser diodes to treat your
Dog or Cat quickly and easily.

What’s Included!

*Warranty: two years from date of delivery, parts and manpower included. Please read Terms and Conditions.

Top Common Questions

What is Low Level Laser Therapy?

A Low Level Laser is a medical laser equipment using a wavelength between 400 and 980 nm, with a power output inferior to 500 mw per diode. Low Level Lasers do NOT generate heat.

The stimulus effect of LLL on human and animals body is called photobiomodulation.

Photobiomodulation is a complicated word used to describe laser beam generated photons stimulating body cells to perform specific tasks, like multiply faster to accelerate wound closure, increase blood circulation, eliminate dead cells, reduce inflammation, and by doing so, temporarily reduce or eliminate pain.

What kind of results can I expect?

In 90% of cases, positive results can be expected if you follow the protocols provided in the instructions manual. However, it is a known fact that not all humans or animals react the same way to an identical treatment. Some will react positively and others will see no result. If an infection is present, if nerves are damaged or if your dog’s general health is severely deteriorated, the Dog Med Laser will not provide relief.

How long will it be until I see results for my pet?

For Pain
Some dogs will react positively to the treatments immediately, some will react after a few treatments and it is possible that a minority shows zero results, most often if the pain is caused by nerve damage or infection.

For Inflammation
The DML is designed to reduce inflammation and with daily or twice daily treatments it continues to reduce inflammation and edema.

Wound Healing
You will be able to observe the acceleration of wound closure if you follow the protocols and treat your companion twice daily. Wound closure speed also depends on the surface of the wound.

How long will my pet experience pain relief?

The effects of the Low Level Laser last for a maximum of 10 hours and more often around 7 to 8 hours. The laser’s effect on pain relief is comparable to the effect of pain medication, without any side effects. Even the strongest painkillers must be taken every few hours. There are no medication or technologies on the market today that deliver permanent pain reduction or elimination. All accepted pain management protocols be it for humans or animals, deliver pain relief for short periods of time.

The Dog Med Laser is the ideal pain relief solution to deliver a much better quality of life to your furry best friend, while avoiding undesirable side effects from medication and expensive and time-consuming trips to the veterinary clinic.

Is the Dog Med Laser the same type of laser as the ones found in veterinary clinics?

Yes and no.

The DML is a true Laser, and a true Low Level laser or “Cold” laser. It is similar to devices manufactured by the most respected Low Level Laser manufacturers which are found in vet clinics around the country and around the world. This category of Low Level Lasers is supported by more than 8,000 published clinical studies and research papers. These lasers have been around for a long time and have demonstrated positive results in rigorous clinical studies. The first FDA authorization to market dates back to 2002.

Low Level Lasers like the DML are very different and much safer than the recently fashionable Class 4 lasers found in some veterinary clinics. Class 4 lasers cannot be legally used in a home setting because of the laser beams power they generate is too dangerous for you, your family and your dog.

Class 4 lasers can burn and permanently damage the skin if not used properly or too often. Furthermore, Class 4 high power (10 watts) lasers are not backed by clinical studies or research papers. The FDA classifies these class 4 lasers under the code for topical heating lamps (ILY).

Can I use the Dog Med Laser while my dog is under anti-inflammatory medication?

There is no contra-indication for this, but the Dog Med Laser has been designed to replace anti-inflammatory medications.  If you treat your dog’s pain with both actions, you will not be able to verify if the Dog Med Laser has a positive effect on your pet.

Furthermore, long-term use of anti-inflammatory drugs generate a high risk of negative side effects for your dog’s kidneys, digestive system and general health. The Dog Med Laser and Low Level Lasers in general have never been shown to cause any adverse side effects on humans or on animals.

If your pet is currently taking medication, we recommend you talk with your veterinarian before stopping it, and once your pet is off medication, treat your pet daily for at least a week to evaluate results as you keep doing the twice daily treatment protocol.

Does the Dog Med Laser have any side effects?

No, the low-level laser therapy doesn’t have any recorded adverse side effects.

Is there a danger I could burn my pet's skin?

No. the power used by the Dog Med Laser is 21.5 milliwatt per diode, which is extremely low. The DML does not deliver heat and is 100% painless. Humans state clearly that they do not feel anything when they use it on themselves. There are no adverse side effects with a true Low-Level Laser.

Does the Dog Med Laser light penetrate the skin deep enough to have an effect?

 Dog Med Laser 635nm photons depth of penetration is illustrated with the photograph showing photons visible through a man’s finger. Dog’s (or Cat) short hair does not stop photons from reaching the tissues to stimulate cells in and around the exposed area. A thick hair barrier is removed by using the brushes of your DML allowing photons to reach the skin and tissues.

Photons penetrate a regular wound dressing, thus, you can apply the DML over a wound dressing to stimulate acceleration of wound closure.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 24 months warranty, parts and manpower, for the Dog Med Laser, USB cable and AC power. The two brushes are covered by a one year warranty.

Please consult Terms and Conditions for details.

My dog has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. Can I still use the Dog Med Laser?

If your dog (or cat) has been diagnosed by a veterinarian with a cancerous tumor, we recommend you do not treat your dog with the Dog Med Laser, as the action of the laser may, in certain cases, cause the cancerous cells to multiply. We recommend you always seek your vet’s opinion before trying new therapies on your pet.

"The Dog Med Laser is a medical device every dog household should have, whatever the age of the dog."
Dr. Tony Kremer DVM
Kremer Veterinary Services (Illinois & Ohio)
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Dog Med Laser


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Dog Med Laser is a Low-Level Laser that provides your pet with a safe, affordable, and effective at-home treatment for pain relief, inflammation reduction, and wound healing.
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What pet families are saying:

"When I got the Dog Med Laser I used it twice a day and within two days I saw a major improvement in Genaro’s amplitude of movements. He seems more comfortable which must mean less pain and I have now totally cut off anti-inflammatory drugs."
7 year old boxer 6 months after TPLO
Cedric and Genaro (Montpellier, France)
"After using the Dog Med Laser for three weeks once or twice a day, I have been seeing great results and improvement from Oren, she does not seem to be in any kind of excessive pain."
15 years old with arthritis and a slipped disk
Mike and Oren (USA)