Dog Med Laser technology

Dog Med Laser is a true nonthermal laser using 635 nm red beam superior quality laser diodes generating a power of 21.5 milliwatts per diode with frequencies for better results.

635 nm red beams have been in use since the late 1960s and have been proven over and over again to be the best wavelength to deliver cellular stimulation and trigger cellular communication in order to generate positive results for inflammation pain management and for acceleration of wound closure.

We at Dog Med Laser consider laser diodes to be the most efficient photon delivery medium to stimulate human or animal cells. Dog Med Laser diodes are expected to last many, many years, if used in a normal home environment.

Guiding principles of our technology

Low-Level Photobiomodulation Lasers work by stimulating cells to do specific tasks. Cells are fragile organisms and coaxing them to do work a certain way is tricky.

Low-Level Laser photons’ delivery to the cells must respect a few principles in order to generate efficient results.

Principle 1: Milliwatts over watts

“Not enough is not enough, and too much is too much”. That is in layman terms the translation of the Arndt–Schulz dose-response law. Small doses of energy…

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Principle 2: The most efficient wavelength

It is proven that infrared wavelengths penetrate deep into tissue, but that does not mean that they are the absolute best. In a study by Al Watban et al, 2007…

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Principle 3: The correct cellular communication

Cells in animal bodies communicate with each other 24/7. This is called cellular communication. Dog Med Laser photon delivery frequencies are designed to stimulate the cells to specific tasks.

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