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TREATMENT PROGRAMS – Get Your Dog Moving Again!

Three targets

=> Reduce inflammation

=> Reduce or eliminate pain temporarily

=> Accelerate wound closure and reduce injury pain

Three programs

Help your pet feel better by applying the Dog Med Laser twice daily.

5 Min


This program should be used twice daily on all forms of inflammation caused by osteo-arthritis (hip, elbow, knee dysplasia), swelling of the tendons, patellar luxation, sprain of the carpus, etc.

Protocol twice a day: Select the appropriate brush, depending on whether your pet has long or medium-length hair. A brush is not necessary for dogs with very short hair, unless you want to give a soothing massage to your best friend.

The brushes should separate the hair above the area to be treated and allow for more photons to reach the skin. Move the Dog Med Laser gently side to side until the laser turns off. 

8 min


The 635 nm photons delivered by the Dog Med Laser are a safe and efficient alternative to pain medication in reducing or eliminating pain for a maximum of 12 hours. This works best on chronic or acute pain. If nerves are damaged, pain reduction may be difficult to achieve.

Protocol twice a day: Select the appropriate brush for your dog’s hair and apply over the painful  area. Move the device a few inches side to side until the light goes out.

4 min


The photons delivered by the Dog Med Laser stimulate the cells to multiply faster, stimulate macrophages to clean the wound, and – as a secondary positive effect – reduce wound pain. The acceleration of wound closure reduces infection risks and the time your pet must wear the collar of shame. Dogs will love that!

Protocol twice a day: You can apply the Dog Med Laser directly over an open wound, or you can apply the laser over dressing. Please check if the red laser beams are visible through the clean dressing prior to applying. If you see red light passing through the dressing, photons will reach your pet’s wound. If you see nothing it means that the dressing is too thick or made of opaque material. 

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