Dr. Tony Kremer DVM 
Recommends the Dog Med Laser to treat common injuries

“All dog parents should own a Dog Med Laser”

Dogs of all ages will be injured a several times during their lives

Dog Med Laser Therapy helps reduce pain caused by common injuries, speeds up internal and external wound healing and accelerates full recovery


Dog bites

Muscle tear injuries, myopathies

Patellar luxation (dislocated kneecap)

Tendon trauma – Tendinitis (Sprain)

Joint trauma: dislocation of elbow, hip, ankle,

Palmar Carpal ligament

Ligament strain

Burns and blisters (Skin and Paw)

Carpus sprain

Nail injuries: Torn nail, Cracked nail

Skin laceration

Paw pads cuts and abrasion


Hard hits trauma

Tail injuries

Treat at least twice a day: morning and evening.

A third treatment could be delivered at mid-day if logistic allows.

Please consult your Dog Med Laser Instruction for Use.