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Reduce or eliminate inflammation and pain associated with:

  • Hip arthritis and dysplasia

  • Shoulder dysplasia

  • Elbow arthritis

  • Intervertebral arthritis and herniated disks

  • Carpus arthritis (wrist)

  • Stifle arthritis (knee)

  • ACL Post op

  • Patellar luxation (dislocated kneecap)

  • Dog Med Laser accelerates external wound closure, thus limiting the use of the dreaded Elizabethan collar, otherwise know as “the collar of shame.”

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Getting older

Developments in modern medicine during the last 60 years have increased longevity and transformed the way humans age. But we are not alone in benefiting from medical advances. Our furry best friends—dogs and cats—have benefited from the same medical progress and are also living much longer lives.

Like humans, our four-legged companions develop aches and pains as they get older. The most common aging condition is degenerative joint disease (DJD), which is often called arthritis. Up to 82% of older dogs will suffer from it.

Today, there is no definitive cure for reversing degenerative joint disease. Therefore, the objective is to limit inflammation that causes pain as much as possible and to increase our pets’ amplitude of movements, offering them a much better quality of life.

Medications are readily available for reducing inflammation and reducing pain. They need to be taken daily, and unfortunately, most cause very serious negative side effects.

We, like you, love our pets and find it heartbreaking to see them move stiffly, have difficulty getting up or walking, and become less active.

That is why we bring you the Dog Med Laser, specifically designed for animal use. Included with the laser are two brushes that help separate pet hair to deliver laser light more efficiently while delivering a soothing massage.

The Dog Med Laser does not generate heat and it does not cause negative side effects. Daily treatments only take a few minutes and are easy to administer whenever you and your pet are relaxing or snuggling together.

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