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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Dog Med Laser affiliate. 

We have currently paused our affiliate program to new affiliates. 

Please keep checking back in the near future for when we open it once again. 

We welcome you to submit the following Affiliate Application and we will be in touch. As always, be sure to check your email’s “spam” folder in the event any of our emails to you land there.

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Please note: we are unable to respond to every application submitted due to the amount we receive each day. If you do not receive an email response from us per your application within 8 business days, we were unable to approve your application.

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Help us learn who you are along with the sales approach (methods) you likely will use to help promote and sell the Dog Med Laser.
The Dog Med Laser is a safe at-home medical device and thus, requires accurate information for consumers. You must never make any claims about our device without our prior consent. You are free to use any content regarding the Dog Med Laser that we have listed directly on our website.

Please note: upon review, we will get in touch with your listed point of contact (via email) in order to communicate about our Affiliate Partner Program. We reserve the right to decline any Affiliate Application.